Solutions Plus Services, Inc

Adaptive Skills Training

Adaptive Skills Training is a program for individuals with developmental disabilities and much like independent living skills, is designed to offer one-to-one direct instruction in basic life and self-help skills. Individuals in this program may have conceptual deficiencies and may not completely understand the value of money or time. This program is designed for individual’s 13-years of age and older in support of attaining more independence and having to rely less on their parents for daily support.

Due to the young age of the participants in this program, many of the individuals in the adaptive skills training program share the same goals and objectives. However, it should be noted, this program is also for adults who meet the eligibility criteria for entrance to the program. Adults in this program can expect to receive the same individual attention to instruction as their younger participants. Each individual will receive direct one-to-one instruction and other supports, such as prompts and cues, to ensure deficits in certain areas don’t become barriers or roadblocks to skill acquisition or to their quality of life. Individuals in this program can expect to receive instruction in the following areas but other goals and objectives may be considered:

  • Money Management
  • Time Management
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Social Development
  • Communication Skills
  • Community Integration
  • Mobility Training
  • Safety Awareness
  • Home Maintenance (including laundry skills and daily chores)

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