Solutions Plus Services, Inc

Independent Living Skills

Independent Living Skills is a program for adult individuals with developmental disabilities and is designed to support their efforts to gain more independence in their daily lives. We do this by providing to them direct one-to-one instruction in basic life and self-help skills. Individuals supported by this program usually live at home with a parent or guardian or may reside in living situations other than independent living. Individuals typically receive support at home or in the community from support professionals with knowledge of generic and community resources and more importantly—teach individuals to become self-advocates.

An important aspect of the independent living skills program is the ultimate desire of the individual to gain significant progress in attaining enough skills to gain independence. The individuals support staff plays a significant role in steering them away from any barriers which may keep the individual from attaining their first steps toward independence and total freedom. Again, the individual receives one-to-one direct instruction every step of the way, including receiving cues, prompts, and even role-play to maximize their attention span, and bring out each individuals creativity and personality. Individuals receiving independent living skills can typically expect to receive instruction and assistance in the following areas:

  • Medical Care Management
  • Money Management
  • Shopping Skills
  • Home Maintenance
  • Personal Hygiene Care
  • Meal and Menu Preparation
  • Mobility Training
  • Social Development
  • Community Integration
  • Education Assistance
  • Time Management
  • Home Relocation
  • Home and Community Safety
  • Exercise and Nutritional Care