Solutions Plus Services, Inc


Solutions Plus Services, Inc. offers a variety of programs to service minor and adult consumers through local regional centers. Every program design we offer must meet stringent regional center guidelines and criteria in order for us to offer the most up to date one-to-one instruction to the consumers we strive to serve. Each program differs in content and instruction and is based on the outcomes and criteria of the individual program goals and objectives. Every consumer receives an initial evaluation conducted by a team of professional support personnel—led by the program manager—with direction and support of our agency director.

After the initial evaluation, the program manager and support professionals meet to design the Individual Service Plan or ISP—which contains the goals and objectives we follow to instruct each individual. It is essentially the road map our support professionals use to guide and instruct each individual to attain the goals and objectives contained within the ISP. We are vendored throughout the State of California to provide services to all 21 regional centers in the following programs.

  • Independent Living Skills
  • Supported Living Services
  • Adaptive Skills Training
  • Parenting Support Services