Solutions Plus Services, Inc

Parenting Support Services

The Parenting program is designed to support individuals with developmental disabilities who are pregnant or already have children to reduce the risk of child neglect. Many new parents lack essential cognitive skills to make informed decisions regarding the health and safety of newborns or young children. Routinely, parents with developmental disabilities have children who are removed from the home. This program seeks to develop those essential parenting and child-care skills in new parents to promote better baby bonding and child safety skills. It has been a long held belief that those parents with developmental disabilities and with parenting skills deficits would benefit from receiving specialized training in this area. Individuals in this program can expect to receive instruction in the following domains but other goals and objectives may be considered:

  • Preparing Home for Newborn
  • Baby Bonding Skills
  • Child Development
  • Child-Care Tasks
  • Child Safety Awareness
  • Home Safety
  • Meal Preparation
  • Home Maintenance

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